Education & Resources

Emergency Services

Emergency Services Program (ESP) & Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) Services
(877) 382-1609 and enter your Zip Code
Community-based mental health and substance use crisis services for all ages. You may call your ESP/MCI instead of 911 or going to a hospital Emergency Department. Services are available to uninsured individuals and most insurance types.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(800) 273-8255
24/7 support for people who are suicidal or despairing.

Educational Information

What is Peer Support?
A combined video and written description of peer support by

Peer Support, Inc.
Peer Support, Inc. provides peer support services to adults with chronic mental illness helping them to live successfully in their communities through our supportive housing programs.

Why Aren’t Doctors More Tech-Savvy?
Email access, online scheduling, and electronic records would all make healthcare easier for patients. Here’s why some doctors are still reluctant to modernize.

Care Information

NAMI Massachusetts Compass
(617) 580-8541
Your guide to mental health resources.

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Information and Referral Line
(800) 221-0053
Information and referrals for a variety of concerns, ranging from accessing DMH services to listings of consumer organizations.

Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline
(800) 327-5050
Information and referrals.

NAMI Massachusetts
(800) 370-9085
Information, referrals, education, support, and advocacy.

United Way State-wide Information and Referral System
(877) 211-6277
24/7 local information about food banks, shelters, doctors, crisis services, benefits, disabilities, and other services and programs.

Legal Resources

Disability Law Center
(800) 872-9992
Legal information, consultation, advocacy, and representation for people with disabilities.

Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (MHLAC)
(800) 342-9092 or (617) 338-2345
Legal information, referrals, consultation, and advocacy for people with mental illness.

Boston Center for Independent Living
(617) 338-6665 or (866) 338-8085
Referral and information on disability issues.