Karl Bruce Ackerman

Karl Ackerman was a tireless advocate for the rights of people with mental health conditions. Karl’s passing in 2009 was felt by many. Thank you, Karl, for your leadership, for your kindness and for your commitment to all the people and organizations you helped both local, national and around the world. Karl was President and Co-founder of NAMI GBCAN. Karl was a dear friend to all of us.

“Karl was my husband’s best friend since high school. I knew him for 30 years. Knowing Karl that long, I came to depend on him for so many things: support, advice, inspiration and more. And I thought that, whatever happened to my husband’s health as he aged, I could always call Karl and he’d be there to listen, to pitch in, to tell a joke, to distract with a story. In addition to other losses we experienced this year, my family has experienced some scary medical crises. And Karl is not here for me to call. And oh, do I miss him.”
-Dede Alley